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Sub Distribution Panel - Prevista

sub distribution panel

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our range of sub distribution power panels comes with a guarantee certificate and is made with top-grade quality materials. the assortment of our distribution panels comprises of mcc panel and pcc panel. these distribution panels have all the essential main network protection devices and supplementa

Motor Control Centre - MCC Panel - Prevista

motor control centre - mcc panel

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mcc is a group of starter panels for a process plant of various drives (motor control centre). the starter panel controls only one consumer. multiple groups of starter panel are connected in one bus called mcc. mcc panel has capability to start by dcs or in remote or by automation. the mcc panel can

Auto Main Failure Panel - AMF Panel - Prevista

auto main failure panel - amf panel

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our robustly constructed automatic mains failure (amf panels) find wide applications in sectors like foundries, apartments, textiles and other varied industries. these panels come with various functions and timers, which help in the efficient running of the amf panels. these also have metering facil

Power Control Centre - PCC Panel - Prevista

power control centre - pcc panel

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power control center panels for various industrial applications to provide reliable and effective distribution service. pcc panels are the most essential part of electrical system of an industry from where the power of the industry is controlled. in ludhiana, punjab, jammu & kashmir, himachal prades


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