Sheriff Custom Challenge Coins

Location Andaman & Nicobar Islands
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Sheriff Custom Challenge Coins - Photo 1
Sheriff Custom Challenge Coins - Photo 2

2" Sheriff custom challenge coins, polished with silver finish.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to the preservation of public safety by providing innovative and progressive service in partnership with the community. These Sheriff custom challenge coins are a wonderful tradition to honor those who have served the public safety of communities in Santa Clara County. Sheriff custom challenge coins are stamped with great quality, handed-fill with five enamel colors and polished with silver finish. On the front side of custom coins cheap is highly engraved with a handsome police with gun and many raiders, and stars and strips of America flag are depicted on the back in details.

Sheriff custom challenge coins are custom coins cheap, dual-sided coins with the finest craftsmanship. Our custom coins cheap are made with high quality material, and we have many options to make your custom challenge coins make outstanding. Each custom challenge coin is packaged with PVC bag individually, and custom challenge coins no minimum are available.

Size: 1.5 "

Thickness: 3 mm

Style: Custom Soft Enamel Coins

Finish: Silver

Packaging: Individual PVC Bag

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